Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your most popular questions about the Property Mastermind Programme... If you have a question that's NOT answered below, feel free to call Simon's office at 0121 228 2223.

Q: "When does the next Mastermind Programme commence?"

The next Mastermind Programme officially commences at the first workshop on Saturday 22nd October 2022. Unofficially, the Programme starts before that, because as part of getting up to speed for the Programme, you will attend a 3-day Mastermind Accelerator workshop.

Q: "How do you sign up to the Mastermind Programme?"

Getting onto the Mastermind Programme isn't quite as simple as putting down the cash and turning up. In fact, you cannot directly sign up to Mastermind without having first attended the Mastermind Accelerator 3-day workshop.

This may sound obscure, but hear us out… Part of the power of the Mastermind Programme is the power of the Mastermind Group - and the group is only as strong as the sum of its individual members… how members interact with each other, how they support one another etc.

We owe it to the whole group to make sure you are right for the Programme and that the Programme is right for you.

As a first step we invite you to come on the first component of the Mastermind Programme, the 3-day Mastermind Accelerator Workshop.

The best bit - if you decide to join the 12 month Mastermind Programme during the 3 Day Accelerator, the cost of the Accelerator Workshop will be deducted from your total payment for Mastermind.

Q: "I understand that attending the 3-day Mastermind Accelerator Workshop is a prerequisite to joining the Mastermind Programme. What is the Accelerator Workshop all about?"

The 3-day Mastermind Accelerator Workshop is a residential workshop hosted by Simon Zutshi himself. Full details and workshop dates can be found on the Mastermind Accelerator website →.

In a nutshell, it is a stand-alone, comprehensive workshop that covers all the investing strategies covered in the full Mastermind Programme, but in a compressed 3-day format. It costs £2997 + VAT. For future Mastermind members, it achieves two things:
  • The holistic syllabus is designed to get everybody up to an elite level of investing knowledge, so that we can hit the ground running on Day 1 of the Mastermind Programme.
  • By covering the full range of investing strategies, you have the big picture front and centre from the get-go, which means you eliminate the fear of missing out on other investing strategies covered in detail later on in the Mastermind syllabus.
Attending the Accelerator Workshop also means…
  • You get to spend 3 days uninterrupted with Simon. It gives you plenty of time to get to know him better, his instruction style, and whether he is going to be the right person to lead you forwards in your investing journey.
  • We get to spend time getting to know you. You’ll have 1-on-1 time with us, interact in small groups with us, and by the end of the workshop we’ll have a good feeling about whether you’re a good fit for the Mastermind Programme.
  • There’s a chance that you decide the workshop itself is sufficient for your current situation. You decide to go away and apply what you’ve learned on your own. If so, fantastic! That’s what the workshop is designed to do. Lots of people attend the Accelerator Workshop with no intention of joining Mastermind afterwards.
If we decide you’re a good fit, you have the opportunity to sign up for Mastermind on the third day of the workshop.

And here’s the best bit:

If you decide to join the 12-month Mastermind Programme while you're on the Accelerator workshop, you are credited the cost of the Accelerator Workshop you attended.

There's a more comprehensive run-down of the workshop over at the Mastermind Accelerator website →.

Q: "How do you decide if somebody's a good fit for the Mastermind Programme?"

There’s nothing too sinister about this, most people are self-selecting, in the sense that those with no time and no money know that they aren’t right for the Programme. In a minority of cases we help realign people's expectations of both the time commitment involved in applying the professional investing strategies taught, and also the time commitment involved in being a productive and valued member of a Mastermind group.

Q: "How much does it cost to become a Masterminder?"

The cost for the 12-month Programme is £25,000 + VAT. From this we will deduct the cost of having attended the Mastermind Accelerator workshop.

Q: "When is the deadline to join the Mastermind Programme?"

Joining the Mastermind Programme is contingent on having attended a Mastermind Accelerator Workshop, prior to Mastermind starting. If the Programme becomes oversubscribed before that date, we will close the doors early.

Q: "How do you secure your place?"

On or after the third day of the Mastermind Accelerator workshop, you can secure your Mastermind place by putting down a 20% deposit by credit card. The remaining balance becomes due after 14 days, giving you time to shuffle around any money needed to pay the remaining balance. It can be paid either by credit card or by a bank transfer.

Qualified candidates are accepted onto the Programme on a first come, first serve basis, on the basis of when their deposit was received.

Q: "What if you don't have the funds to pay the deposit, or the remaining balance after 14 days?"

It goes without saying that if you cannot afford the price of a place on the Mastermind Programme, you should not sign up. Perhaps take a smaller step and attend the 3-day Mastermind Accelerator workshop, paying particular attention to the property cashflow strategies we cover. It often takes only one or two of these deals to self-finance your place on the Mastermind Programme, and is a path many of our past Masterminders have taken.

If it is simply a cashflow issue preventing you from paying the balance, speak to your Mastermind consultant prior to enrolling. In a limited number of cases a payment plan is available (though in all cases, the balance must be settled prior to the start of the Programme).

Q: "How many Masterminders are there in the group?"

We aim for a group size of between 30 and 60, the exact number being dictated by the number of qualified candidates we receive. Over the years we have found this to be the optimal group size:
  • The group is large enough to benefit from a broad range of skills, experiences and a substantial pool of available capital. These are the positive "network effects".
  • The group is large enough to have an energy and a momentum about it. You'll feel the energy in that first live workshop you attend.
  • The group is large enough to split into several smaller sub-groups during workshops and undertake group-based tasks and activities.
  • ​The group is small enough that everybody knows each other's name, that you always get the opportunity to have your questions answered, and that you get the attention and individualisation you need from a 12-month Programme.
Once we reach 60 high quality candidates we turn people away, because a group size any bigger ceases to function effectively as a cohesive group.

Q: "What is the time commitment to do the Programme?"

As a rule of thumb, you should earmark 8-10 hours a week to successfully follow the Mastermind Programme. This includes mastering the material, participating in the group, and the actual investing (from finding deals, closing deals, and all bits inbetween).

A common goal within the group is to replace the income from their jobs ASAP and be in a position quit that job... at which point a huge chunk of time opens up to ramp up their efforts.

Some of these early efforts will be front-loaded, like building out your marketing systems for the first time. You put in the work early on so that you can reap their rewards passively for years to come.

Staggering success can be - and has been - achieved on less than 10 hours a week. If you have the capital available, you can become the group's lynchpin by financing deals and leaving the administrative aspects to time-rich members of the group. Equally, we teach you which areas of your property business you should automate, which areas to outsource, and which areas you should absolutely keep under your control. With this approach, you only ever spend your time on the areas that add massive value to a deal, thereby keeping your hours under control.

If you are on a stretched budget and have significantly less than 10 hours a week at your disposal, the Mastermind Programme isn't for you right now.

Q: "What are my responsibilities to the Mastermind group?"

By becoming a Masterminder, you understand that - as well as the responsibilities to yourself - you have a responsibility to the group. In 2007 I started this Mastermind group on the principle that the fastest way to prosperity and affluence is by having a tight-knit group of elite investors who intertwine their skillsets and their resources. This is a cornerstone of the Programme, and as such you agree to:
  • Attend all 10 live workshops.
  • Share the contact details of service providers, professionals and other experts with whom you have had a positive experience, and whom would be an asset to the Mastermind group.
  • ​Be transparent, objective and forthcoming about the property deals you do. Detailed case studies are a primary learning device among the group.

Q: "I'm new to investing but committed to doing this. The concepts seem pretty advanced. Am I going to be able to keep up?"

Some of our most successful Masterminders started the Programme a little wet behind the ears. Why are some of these newcomers so successful? We have a theory, that they are less likely to second-guess themselves when learning the material for the first time. You just get on and do what you're taught.

Nobody ever gets left behind. It's just not possible the way Mastermind is set up. The 3-day Accelerator workshop is there to get you up to speed prior to the start of the Programme. That's why we make everybody go on it. You also get access to a bunch of online resources to wade through before the Programme begins. During the Programme itself... you get a coach. You have a mentor. There are monthly webinar sessions with Simon. There are the workshops. The entire Mastermind experience is designed to support you every step of the way, and when you have questions, they are answered FAST so that you can move on to your next step ASAP.

Q: "I live in Scotland/Liverpool/Ireland/Isle of Man/City XYZ. How does this affect me if I join the Programme?"

The only part of the Programme that requires you to physically be in the same room as the group is the monthly live workshops in Birmingham. In fact, it's not even monthly, because August and December are months off.

We've had Masterminders come from Dubai, Denmark, France and the far corners of the UK to attend the workshops. By becoming a Masterminder, you make a commitment to come to all 10 workshops (within reason). Make it happen, make it count, no excuses, this is the year that will change your life forever.

Q: "Can I do the Programme with a partner?"

Yes, you can do the Programme with a spouse or a business partner, with a few conditions. Partner places are on a first-come, first-served basis, and we have room for up to 10 partners. We cap the number due to there being an opportunity cost to the Mastermind group - too many partners and the diversity of the group shrinks, which benefits no-one. The cost for a partner place is £12,500 + VAT, the discount represented by some duplication of the Programme benefits. In reality, most people sign up for the Programme as an individual, then work with a partner behind the scenes. The only thing your partner really misses out on is the in-person workshops. That said, attending the workshops together is important to you, you have the opportunity to sign up a partner for the £12,500+VAT.

Q: "Can the Mastermind Programme be deducted from your taxes?"

Past Masterminders have successfully written off the cost of the Programme in their taxes. Please consult with your tax specialist before attempting to do so.
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