The Programme Elements

A Message From Simon Zutshi

The Mastermind Programme is designed from the ground up to change your life in 12 months. There is - quite simply - nothing else like it. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the get-go to follow the Mastermind system, I contend that there is no other business on the planet where you can so quickly make your fortune.

But first things first, watch this 8-minute video I've put together outlining the elements of the Mastermind Programme. Then read to the end of this page.
For the past 10 years, our Masterminders have hit mind-boggling numbers, and they continue to do so. They’ve graduated the Programme with hundreds of thousands of pounds in their pocket, millions in equity, and an income stream that sets them up for life. And that's all inside of 12 months... it's not like they leave on the last day of the Programme never again to do another deal...

Some Masterminders put in a huge push during the 12 months knowing that they’ll scale back once they’ve hit the numbers they need to hit. Others scale up year after year and build their fortune. Either way, the Mastermind Programme provides you an indispensable network for life, people who you become good friends with over the course of a year, who share the journey with you and grow rich together with you.

So how are our Masterminders so successful, so quickly? Part of it is the nature of property investing itself...
  • You don’t have to spend decades crawling up the corporate ladder (slowly losing your soul in the process).
  • You don’t need permission from anybody (i.e. a boss) to do it.
  • There are no gatekeepers, nobody telling you what qualifications you need and what hoops you need to jump through.
  • ​You don’t need hundreds of thousands of pounds of startup capital to get going. Money flows into good deals, not the other way round.
  • ​You get a triple payout: you get paid handsomely up-front on a good deal, you get the income over the life of the asset, and you get the profit from capital appreciation. There is no other asset quite like it.
  • ​There’s no rulebook saying you need to do deals linearly, one at a time. Nobody is going to slap you on the wrist for having half a dozen deals in the pipeline.
That’s why property businesses scale so well so quickly, once you have the systems in place.

The rest of our Masterminers' success is down to the nature of the Property Mastermind programme and what it provides you. With the system, the network and the support it provides, it's hard not to come out of it a success.

Let's drill into the elements of the Programme...

There are broadly six elements to the Property Mastermind Programme. Each element is there for its own specific reason, but importantly, they complement one another, they reinforce one another, and they create an environment where knowledge-transfer is frictionless and automatic... an environment where feedback is quick and where you can share your successes and minimise your failures.

The Property Investing Brain Transplant

Once you’ve signed up to Mastermind, there’s no sitting back, kicking your feet up, and waiting for the Programme to begin - one of the key features of a successful Mastermind group is that the members must be on the same collective wavelength.

Only then can you really start pushing the boundaries as a group.
Here’s our promise - you’ll receive the best property training available in the UK… BEFORE the Mastermind Programme even begins.
Before the Mastermind Programme officially begins, you get what we colloquially call the Property Investing Brain Transplant. Ok, I’ll admit I’ve never been able to name anything cleverly, but you get the idea.
  • We send you on our intensive 3-day Mastermind Accelerator residential workshop, and;
  • ​You get online access to our two flagship online training Programmes
Why? Because being on the same collective group wavelength starts with each individual member of that group having a requisite level of specialised knowledge.
  • You get the “big picture” of the complete investing framework prior to the start of the Programme. This means that when we start drilling into topics over the course of the year, you are aware of their context, and are never one step behind.
  • When the rest of the Mastermind group have also been trained to this level of knowledge, it significantly raises the group dynamic.
  • When we go into the live workshops with a firm grasp of the concepts already in your mind, better questions get asked, rookie questions are minimised, and the group moves forwards together much more effectively.
  • ​Some things just take time to sink in, you can digest the online training in your own time prior to the programme and revisit any sticking points you encounter.
  • ​It gets everybody in the group on the same wavelength, approaching property investing from a specific mindset right from the get-go. This may sound a bit obtuse right now, but a couple of months into the Programme, you’ll understand.
As such, the 3-day Accelerator workshop and the online training aren’t optional elements or “bonuses”. You are required to attend the Accelerator workshop, and you must complete the online training prior to the start of the first workshop.

Not doing so would be doing a disservice to both you and to the group. It is the first fundamental step to a high quality Mastermind group.

The Live Workshops

We get together one day a month in Birmingham for an advanced live workshop. There are 10 workshops in total, with August and December being months off.

Here's the truth - no amount of technology can quite replace the experience you get when doing things in person. The learning is more dynamic and interactive, and the collective energy of the Mastermind group is harnessed at these workshops.

It's worth stressing that because of the Property Investing Brain transplant (element one of the Mastermind Programme), we are able to delve deep into the nitty gritty of the Mastermind system during these workshops. A lot of Masterminders have to pull strings and make sacrifices to attend the workshops, so they are neither the time nor the place to be covering things for the first time.

Part of the benefit of the live workshops is that you get access to me, Simon Zutshi, each and every month. You get questions answered by me in real-time, you can have back-and-forth dialogues with me, and you get to listen in on others doing the same too (often questions and conversations you weren't even you needed to ask). That interaction is invaluable, a lot of the things we cover is organic, "in the moment" and anecdotal - things that are tough to replicate in another setting.

When appropriate, I do bring in other experts to share their knowledge with the group. But the majority of the workshop is led by me, and thus you are getting access, primarily, to me.
But access to me is really just the part of it. The real power comes from the collective learning experience, a place to get together and each share our learnings among the larger group.
We have break-out sessions in sub-groups to reflect on each other's activities the previous month. We share resources we found. Together we discuss the latest developments in the market. We work at the frontier of the property investing world, and as such we are often the trailblazers of new investing strategies. Being months or even years ahead of the investing masses on new strategies makes all the difference in the world.

It is these live workshops where the true power of the Mastermind group comes into effect. And meeting up each month with the same high-calibre group of people sets you up with a network for life... people who will become good friends, partners and resources for years to come.

The hotel we use is right next to Birmingham International airport (we often get delegates flying in who live overseas) and Birmingham International train station, as well as just off the M42. We picked the most central location to accommodate Masterminders from all corners of the UK.

It goes without saying that we expect you to attend all 10 workshops. However, sometimes life gets in the way, and missing a workshop becomes unavoidable. In that case, you can fall back on listening to the audio recording of the workshop... we record each and every live workshop. So you don't have to miss out on the content. Of course, this also means that you can revisit the recording of any workshop you attended... so there's no need to be frantically scribbling down every word spoken during the workshop, it'll all be there on the recordings when you get home.

Teleseminar Support

Inbetween workshops we meet up for group coaching sessions. They are a teleseminar format that allows you to ask me questions 1-on-1, but also allows you to listen in on others' questions. This follows on from our philosophy that questions should be asked openly within the group, and not in private. This way everybody's learning goes up exponentially.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Wouldn't it be great to have one of our most successful past Masterminders on speed dial? Somebody who has been in your shoes, done the Programme, and come out the other end with massive success? Somebody who is a couple of steps ahead of you in their property journey and can lend a wise hand when needed?

Well, that is exactly what you get - at the beginning of the Mastermind Programme you are assigned a personal property coach who has been cherry picked from our past Mastermind top performers. Twice a month you get a call with that coach. Who better to understand and guide you through your own Programme. They are there to not only support you, but also hold you to account where needed to ensure you get the most out of the Programme.

As well as the bi-monthly calls with your coach, we go one further - your personal coach will come to your area and spend two days mentoring you in whatever capacity is best suited to you. You can bring them along to viewings, to negotiations with vendors, or to simply sit down and pour through potential deals with you. It is totally up to you (how you choose to use this time may not be readily apparent right now, but you'll know once you're further along in the Programme).
These six elements of the Mastermind Programme provide the framework upon which the Mastermind system is taught. We've spent the last 10 years refining the elements of the Programme, and we think we've got it down to a fine art.

Before you make a first step to joining the Programme, we highly recommend going through the vault of Case Studies from past Masterminders. It not only gives you an insight into the Programme through the eyes of the Masterminders themselves, it also helps you align your 12-month goals with the achievements of our Mastermind graduates.

Once you've gone through the case studies, it's time to find out how to apply. The next Mastermind Programme begins on Saturday 24th October. Come join us and change your life forever in 12 exciting months.
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